Monday, June 16, 2008

I love discovering new favorites!

Would you just look at those beauties?! It's no secret that I have a secret love affair with shoes. The other day as I was picking up some new equipment at my favorite camera store, I just happened to come across this adorable little shoe store that has now become one of my new favorites. Tons of funky shoes, and purses (I have my eye on this amazing little clutch that's made of upholstery from an old car)! If you live in San Diego, you'll have to stop by this place - if you're obsessed with the accessories that you wear on your feet, you'll fall in love too, I promise.

KATE ROSS SHOES. 3827 30th street in Northpark, right next to George's Camera.
Check it out.


Emilee said...

I'm such a shoe freak, too! My sister complains that I'm tall enough anyway, but heels make me happy. :) Just discovered your blog, and it's awesome!

Kimberlee West said...

hey emilee! thanks for stopping by my blog! i LOVE wearing heels and i completely know what you mean about feeling happy. ;) ...even though i'm 5'9" without heels, i don't care - i rock them anyway!