Thursday, June 19, 2008

SD Style Wedding Shoot

Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a [very cool, very "fashion-y"] photo shoot with my good friends Marissa and Weston (of Boucher Photography... that's french, pronounced "boo-shay") :) They were asked to shoot for San Diego Style Weddings, and I got to join them for the fun! Amazing models, gorgeous gowns, wonderful stylists, beautiful flowers... all of this and more. Everything was absolutely perfect, and the shots we got are pretty rockin! Here's one of my shots from the day:
...And a shot Marissa got of me "crouching" (aka being lazy & trying to relieve my feet at the end of a full day of shooting whilst wearing 4-inch heels). ;) Be sure to check out the Boucher's blog for some more shots from the day!


AHS Photography said...

Awesome shot! What a fun shoot to be a part of!

Andrea said...

You are so brave to wear 4 inch heels on a shoot :) But hey - you look pretty hot.