Friday, June 27, 2008

Star Wars Dorkiness

Disneyland is the best place ever! My friends and I usually go about once a month, thanks to the sweet SoCal year pass. Unfortunately we've been blocked out for the summer, but we did get a chance to head up there one more time last week before the black-outs began. We were also celebrating Marissa's birthday, so that was tons of fun (happy birthday, Riss - love ya!) In an attempt to avoid the long lines, we tried taking the road less traveled on this Dland trip... doing a few of the things that you wouldn't usually think of doing. Things like canoeing around Tom Sawyer's Island (which brought on scary flashbacks of my near-death canoeing experience in Zambia!). We also took the liberty of participating in one of those crazy-nerdy photo things where they put your faces into a Star Wars photo. So if you've ever wondered what I'd look like as an alien, here's your chance. :) Marissa just posted our pic on the boudoir blog... Photobucket

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Anonymous said...

you're a crack up! I love it.
Love ya -angel